Beginner DVD

salsa buena beginners dvd


Beginners Salsa DVD available NOW!


Learn to salsa quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home and/or use it to supplement your existing salsa classes.


Timing broken down and explained!


All footwork broken down and explained!


Leads, hands and technique, broken down and explained!


Filmed in front of a mirror to allow you to view from all angles!


Contains :

1. Introduction

2. Timing

3. Basic Steps

4. Right Turns

5. Left Turns

6. Cross Body Lead

7. Cross Body with Outside Turn

8. Cross Body with Inside Turn

9. Open Break and Half Turn

10. Half Turns

11. Combinations

12. Salsa Buena Social dancing


Total Running time : 1 hour and 3 minutes

Region Free

PAL format


Only £14.99! Less than the cost of 3 public salsa classes!

Currently the DVD is only available by purchasing directly from us at one of our class nights.


Click below to watch a video trailer of the DVD.


Salsa Buena Beginners Salsa DVD  promotional clip :