The Lockdown Interviews! – Part 2

Nicolai V guest salsa teacher

Nicolai V

Welcome to The Lockdown Interviews where we grill and probe some of Salsa Buenas’ most popular Teachers/Guest Teachers, who are also some of the UK’s TOP teachers, about the lockdown.

How has it affected them? How have they been coping? What have they been up to?  What do they think the future holds? All this and more! Their answers will inspire, surprise, shock and intrigue.

For this interview we have Nicolai V one of our most POPULAR guest teachers at our Salsa Buena party nights. The driving force behind iSalsa, Nicolai is one of the top national and international Salsa & Bachata teachers, promoters and DJ’s in the UK.

Note: If you are really struggling with lockdown and/or are seriously affected by any of the issues in this post, please seek professional guidance. Check out the infographic to the left/or at the bottom of this post of just some of the many professional and charitable organisations that can and will help. You are not alone. heart

SB: What were your first reactions/thoughts/fears when the 1st lockdown was announced?
Nicolai: I was not overly worried when the first lockdown happened. I thought it was the right thing to do, albeit late and not stringent enough.

SB: How were the first few weeks for you emotionally and mentally?
Nicolai: The first few weeks were fine and I made the most of it personally and with regards to work.

SB: As lockdown set in how did you cope and what have you been doing?
 During the first lockdown I was busy helping out with renovations on the guest house and trying out some new experiences personally.

SB: Have you still been able to teach?
I taught a few online classes with the family and towards the end of the lockdown I did a few private one to one classes.

SB: What do you recommend people can do to keep up their dancing skills and class fix?
Nicolai: I recommend practicing on your own and utilising any of the many online classes available. Also listening to relevant music and watching videos of dancing, dance/music history etc. Keeping up with stretching and exercise is important too.

SB: Have you taken on any new Hobbies, Pastimes, Skills or Courses?
Nicolai: I’ve tried to immerse myself in Spanish; Keep up with exercise and relaxation; Getting out, walking in nature more. I’ve also been reading a lot. I’ve dabbled in a few new things: climbing, archery and tennis.

SB: Do you have any advice for people struggling during this time?
Nicolai: I know it’s difficult at times. But I would suggest keeping a schedule or programme. Ensuring that it includes all or some of the following: exercise, reading, watching documentaries, eating healthily, doing something creative, helping others if possible.

It’s a great opportunity to learn new things too. It’s also important to keep in touch with family and friends.

SB: What has lockdown taught you?
Nicolai: Mainly that I really do still love teaching, dancing and socialising in the Salsa scene! I miss it.

It’s also taught me (or reminded me) that I am extremely fortunate and privileged and that I need to double down on my efforts to help and support others and get more actively involved in relevant campaigns, movements and organisations that are attempting to make this world a better place.

SB: Do you envisage any change in the future of Dance Classes and Events once this is over?
I reckon that in the short term there will be major changes and it’ll be difficult for a while.

We’ll all have to be very creative and use our ingenuity. Our commitment and passion to the dance/music scene is unwavering though, so I believe we will succeed in making it work.

In the long term, I see things going back to normal, though with a greater awareness of how lucky and blessed we are and of how to care for each other more.

SB: What do you think the first day back at a regular class/dance event will be like?
Nicolai: It’ll be like a reunion with old friends. It’ll be cathartic. It’ll be extremely positive and enjoyable for all of us.

Thank you Nicolai for taking part and your open, honest and inspiring answers. ❤️. We look forward to seeing you in Cardiff again as soon as its all over!

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