Free Social Xmas Fancy Dress Party!

salsa buena xmas party 2020
  • Saturday 19th December 2020
  • 8.00pm to 9:30pm
  • Zoom
  • FREE – Optional Charity Donation

flash FREE online event on Zoom – donations welcome & encouraged to our chosen Charity The Samaritans (details below).
flash Xmas Fancy Dress – (virtual) Prize for best Male & Female Costume
flash Dancers & Non-Dancers VERY Welcome
flash 8pm Start, 100 person limit, first come first served
flash Chat screen fully open (feel free to turn on your video and mics and messaging!), group or private message to catch up with friends & dancers, make new friends etc. No need for a quiet Xmas!
flash Lots of Interactive Xmas FUN in-between tracks, Trivia Questions, Charades, Name That Tune, Pictionary, Shout Outs, Competitions etc.
flashMusic, Dancing & Line-Ups to the very BEST in Salsa & Bachata
flash Stuck on your own on Xmas Day, or just want MORE, message us if you want a XMAS DAY (shorter, late afternoon) option as well!

❤️ Charity Donation – Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a Happy Xmas, even more people are affected by depression, loneliness, financial worries etc at this time of year and even more so this year with the covid pandemic. If you plan to attend the party and/or just wish to make a contribution please do so directly to The Samaritans here:

sphere How to join THE PARTY!:
Free Online Salsa Buena Xmas Fancy Dress Party!
Time: Sat Dec 19, 2020 08:00 PM to 9.30PM London Time
Hosted by Shahid – Salsa Buena confetticonfetti

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 843 9002 9415
Passcode: 227509

sphere Please read the TIPS section further below on how to use ZOOM and to ensure you get the most from the party and your set up.

❤️ Please remember the main purpose of this party as well as raising donations for a worthy cause is to see each other, catch-up, interact, dance and have fun (safely online for this year!). Something we all need at the best of times, but especially at XMAS and is even more important during these difficult Covid times for our mental, physical, social and spiritual well being.


sphere If you haven’t used zoom before (, please download it to your pc/phone and create an account (it’s free) way before the party starts, and give it a go with a meeting for yourself to iron out any kinks and settings for your device. You really don’t want to be spending most of the event time trying to set it up on your phone/laptop.

sphere On your screen when you are in the party you will see a ‘chat’ option. Please click this and keep the chat screen up. We will be using this a lot for some shout outs and fun stuff. The chat option also enables you to send message to everyone or a private message to any individual at the party.

sphere You can set up the screen up so that the one that is hosting (Salsa Buena) is the big main screen and central, you should then be able to see everyone else on smaller screens around the main screen. or you can just have all the screens of people in front of you. There is usually a pin video option, depends on your setup/device, again download and play around before the night.

sphere Ideally set up your device so that you can see the screen and have space to dance safely (if you choose to do so). And set the sound to max (or adjust as necessary). Some of you may be able to (and can google how to do it) cast what is on your device to your tv screen.

sphere Do please turn your video/mic/message option on if possible, we all want to see each other and interact!

sphere If you haven’t been dancing/keeping fit for a while and plan to dance, please be sensible, take a break if it gets too much, sit and watch, use the chat option, have a drink and cool down – open a window etc.

sphere Do have yourself a drink of whatever you fancy nearby the screen.

sphere If you are on your own (or not), keep your favourite cuddly toy, pet, mop, suitable inanimate object (and give it a name!) nearby and feel free to dance with it!

sphere Keep a pen and paper to hand just in case for any pictionary rounds!

sphere Disclaimer: You join in at your own risk. Salsa Buena is not responsible or liable for any accident/injury you may incur. If you have any medical or physical concerns please consult your GP. Please ensure you have a clear and big enough space if you are going to dance.

salsa buena xmas party 2020