No need to bring a partner. Start anytime, pay as you go (online booking in advance only – we do not accept cash on the day).

£10/£11 – Book in advance of the day/Book on the same day. 

Pay as you go/Taster for the whole evening of classes.
£8.50 – with a Flexi Pass for the whole evening of classes

You may be eligible to do up to 3 Classes in an evening at no extra charge! 

Gift Vouchers can be purchased by selecting ‘Vouchers’ in the booking window below. 

You can book now at the cheaper price and easily change your booking (up to 6pm of the booking date) to another day and date, if you need to, by clicking the booking link in your confirmation email. 

 Choose any nights below that suit you. 

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NOTE: The Class Schedule below and booking options are in their own separate scrollable window. Scroll up and down it independently of this main window to see all details.

How to View Information and Book in 3 EASY STEPS:
(There’s no need to login if you don’t have an account!)

1. To view full class information including times, prices, location etc, just select any night below that you are interested in and then click ‘Information’ or ‘View Details’. 

2. Scroll down to select ‘Tickets’ to book in for that night – We have TWO ticket options, please make sure you scroll up and down to see ALL ticket options to view the AVAILABLE ones. (Some may show as UNAVAILABLE depending on the ticket type). Select the tickets you require. The clickable checkout basket appears near the top of the window, or the ‘View Selections’ to go to checkout is right at the bottom of the window. You’ll need your credit/debit card and the email address for each person you book for. 

3. You’ll get a confirmation message and email with reminder details and a booking reference.

It’s that easy! Any problems booking just hit the green Whatsapp button and we can talk you through it.

We look forward to welcoming you, be prepared for a GREAT evening.