The Salsa Buena Charity Initiative

Giving Charities an equal opportunity to fundraise.


Are you a registered Charity looking to fundraise?

Let us help you with the Salsa Buena Charity Initiative.


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Salsa Buena is very proud of the charity work it does and using it's much in demand talents of being able to provide amongst the best and most fun salsa classes and dance nights, not just for our students but to also help fundraise for worthy causes.


With Shahid also being a charity voluntary worker, he noticed that smaller less generally emotive charities can find it harder to get the resources to fundraise than bigger more emotive charities.




As a result the Salsa Buena Charity Initiative was borne out of Shahids' hope that charities should get an equal opportunity to fundraise for their cause.


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To this end Salsa Buena have obtained the use of a great venue in Cardiff willing to give its space for free on a Sunday afternoon for 2-3 hours to hold a Salsa themed Party Fundraiser with Salsa Buena in aid of your charity. The venue has its own bar and seated area, a large dance floor, fully air conditioned, its own private parking and a capacity of up to 120 people. We will provide (for free) your fundraising salsa party with a fun beginners salsa class of approximately 50 minutes followed by up to an hour of fun salsa music and dancing. The venue can also provide food (at a cost) if you wish. You can also add in a raffle to help raise extra funds.




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All you have to do is decide which Sunday you wish to hold the event (subject to availability), decide how much you wish to sell tickets for and then market the event and sell tickets to all your charities contacts, supporters, friends and families etc.



Salsa Buena will donate the entire 100% of what you raise back to the charity.

What could be simpler and easier than that?


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We invite any registered charity* (please see below) to get in touch with us directly so we can book a date in the diary for the fundraising event, subject to our basic terms and conditions (provided when you enquire).








*Registered Charities only to contact us directly for this please. In line with most charity application guidelines we ask that the charities that apply should be non-political and not affiliated to any particular belief system, and should support : the spread of peace, non-violence, protection of the environment, equal treatment to all peoples regardless of colour, creed, gender, sexual orientation and the relief of suffering and compassion to all living things.


We look forward to hearing from you and providing your supporters with a great event whilst raising as much as possible for your cause.


Contact :

Shahid : 07800-565651 
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